Salary Offer

The Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee has met and unanimously agreed to support the revised offer on the 1% + 1% Salary offer.  The Committee took the view that there was nothing significantly different in the new offer that would cause a change of position.  Moreover, the Committee rejected the need for any ballot on the same basis.

The differences with the new offer are noted below.

  •  A clearer statement to the effect that teachers shall not be required to perform tasks currently undertaken by support staff.  However, Annex E shall still disappear.
  • Confirmation that schools will be allowed to operate flexible working hours by agreement in School Working Time Committees.  These will be scrutinised by Joint Secretaries of the LNCT
  • A change to “supply rate” payment to 2 days.

We welcome the eventual slight movement on this issue to allow our members to at last capture their salary increase now almost a year overdue.