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We believe that it is essential that the views of secondary teachers are firmly represented.   Secondary teaching is not simply more specialised primary teaching.   The current problems associated with CfE should make this clear.   If you wish your views as a secondary teacher to be fully represented, there is only one union you can join.   Join the SSTA now!

Every member has direct and immediate access to full-time union officials who are always ready to advise and support members with problems or queries in relation to their employment.   We do not use our school representatives to provide advice on highly technical (or confidential) issues. Not all unions can offer this facility.

All new members to the Association can benefit from our new special offer of 50% off the normal subscription for the first 12 months of paid membership when sending a completed direct debit instruction with their application.   This represents a saving of up to £89.40 a year based on current 2010 subscription paying by monthly direct debit.

To join the SSTA you can complete an online enrolment form here. This offer is available to new members only.