SQA - Scottish Baccalaureates

The Scottish Baccalaureates in Science and Languages have been available for delivery since August 2009 and, based on their success, SQA, directed by the Scottish Government, intends to offer all pupils studying at Advanced Higher level the opportunity to choose a Baccalaureate in a suitable subject area. It is, therefore, the intention to expand Baccalaureate provision by broadening the existing two awards and by developing two new awards in Social Sciences and Expressive Arts, all to be available for delivery from August 2012.

Based on the result of consultation with stakeholders last year, we are now proposing frameworks for the four Baccalaureate awards. As Principal Assessor for a Higher/Advanced Higher course which is included in these frameworks, your feedback would be very valuable. We would be grateful if you could follow the link below which will provide you with some background information and will invite you to complete a short questionnaire. You have the option to respond to one or more of the awards depending on your areas of interest. Could you please also forward this to any of your colleagues with an interest in these awards and subject areas? The closing date for responses is Friday 13th January 2012.

Thank you very much for taking the time to be part in this engagement process.


Lorna Grant

Qualifications Development Manager