SSTA Ballot for Strike Action

The SSTA National Executive sanctioned the statutory ballot for strike action following an overwhelming number of SSTA members calling for strike action in a consultative ballot. The SSTA’s statutory ballot for strike action commences on Wednesday 26 October and closes on Wednesday 16 November.

Seamus Searson SSTA General Secretary said

“Unfortunately, the threat of strike action seems to be the only thing COSLA and Scottish Government take seriously. This ‘market stall’ brinkmanship mentality is insulting to teachers, parents and young people. It really shows how much teachers are undervalued by their employers. All the hard work teachers had done during the pandemic, keeping the education system open, has all been forgotten”.

“Teachers don’t want to go on strike, but they will to achieve a fair and just settlement. Grown-up negotiations are long overdue on a pay settlement that should have been in place on the 1 April this year”.
Catherine Nicol, SSTA President said
“COSLA and the Government appear to be awaiting strike action before they enter further discussions. No offer has been made since 19 August. Teachers are determined to get a fair deal and are prepared to strike. Closing schools is the only way that COSLA and the Scottish Government will be forced to negotiate”.
“The SSTA has been committed to reaching a suitable agreement through negotiation but to date COSLA has not been prepared to engage in meaningful negotiations or make an improved offer. The approach of COSLA’s approach has necessitated the move towards strike action”.

The SSTA is encouraging all members to vote YES in the ballot

5% is not Enough!