SSTA Members' Briefing 2018

Seamus Searson the General Secretary would like to meet with SSTA members to discuss the issues that face secondary teachers (pay negotiations, workload and education developments etc.) and how we protect and improve conditions for members. This is your opportunity to have your say. A list of upcoming dates and venues are shown below.

Stuart McCullough, Independent Financial Advisor from Llife Ltd will also be giving a presentation on “How to Control your Pension and New Pension Calculator?”.


  1. General Secretary – Members’ Update,
    • Teachers’ Pay Negotiations 2018
    • Career Pathways Committee
    • National Qualifications – changes and reducing workload
    • Education Bill – Headteacher Charter, Regional Improvement Collaboratives
  2. How to Control your Pension and the New Pension Calculator? (Stuart McCullough, Independent Financial Advisor, Llife Ltd)
  3. Members Questions

The briefing will start at 5.00pm and will be repeated at 7.00pm.

To book a place click on the briefing you would like to attend and complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.