SSTA Members Briefings 2019

Seamus Searson the General Secretary would like to meet with SSTA members to discuss the issues that face secondary teachers. This includes the potential new career structure and pay scales for teachers, the impact of the Government’s Empowerment Agenda (Headteachers’ Charter, RICs, etc.) and reducing teacher workload.

Public Sector Pensions – Legal Challenge – Age Discrimination.

The outcome of the legal challenge (McCloud & Sargent) regarding Public Service Pension Schemes and the transitional arrangements that were introduced in 2015 to help protect those members of the schemes closest to retirement. This case has shown that the transitional protection discriminated members of the scheme on the grounds of age.

We see the outcome of the legal challenge applying to all teachers who were active members of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme prior to 31st March 2015. Whilst this matter is not yet fully resolved and there is ongoing discussion the SSTA believe it is important that you understand the potential implications of this outcome and what this could mean to you and your retirement plans. Stuart McCullough, Independent Financial Advisor from Llife Ltd will be giving a presentation on the potential impact of the legal challenge.

  1. General Secretary – Members’ Update,
    • Career Pathways Report – new pay structures
    • Reducing Teacher Workload
    • Empowerment Agenda – Headteacher Charter, Regional Improvement Collaboratives
  2. Teacher Pensions and potential changes. (Stuart McCullough, Independent Financial Advisor, Llife Ltd)
  3. Members Questions

The briefing will start at 5.00pm and will be repeated at 7.00pm.

  • Monday 2 September – Inverness, Jury’s Inn
  • Monday 9 September – Aberdeen, Aberdeen Altens Hotel
  • Tuesday 24 September – Ayr, Mercure Ayr Hotel
  • Wednesday 25 September – Glasgow, Hilton Glasgow Centre
  • Tuesday 22 October – Dundee, Hampton Hilton Hotel
  • Wednesday 23 October – Edinburgh, SSTA Head Office

To book a place click at a briefing go to the SSTA website and select the briefing you would like to attend and complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.