SSTA Members' Bulletin - 16 December 2022

SNCT Teachers’ Pay Claim 2022-2023

The Scottish Government sought a meeting of the SNCT Extended Joint Chairs, and the meeting took place on Wednesday 14 December. COSLA confirmed that it had no additional funds to increase the pay offer and the only source of additional funding would be from the Scottish Government. Following a lengthy engagement, it was agreed further talks would be necessary to find a solution to the 2022 pay dispute. The SNCT Teachers’ Side confirmed the teacher unions resolve to get a fair and reasonable pay offer for their members.

SSTA Industrial Action

The SSTA National Executive has confirmed its support for the planned national strike action in Secondary Schools on Wednesday 11 January. The SSTA will be joined by colleagues from other unions in a united front to encourage the Scottish Government to resolve our pay dispute. Trade union colleagues in primary schools will be taking national action in primary schools on Tuesday 10 January. The SSTA National Executive has also committed to a third day of strike action with the date to be confirmed in January. The teacher unions are working together to co-ordinate the planned industrial action to give the maximum impact for our pay campaign and show the employers and the Scottish Government that a suitable pay offer needs to be found.

Maternity Survey

The STUC is supporting Maternity Action in working on a cost-of-living project, to find out more about the devastating impact of the reduction in income they experience when mothers undertake a period of maternity leave, particularly in the current financial crisis.

Members who have been on maternity leave since January 2021 are encouraged to complete the survey about the financial impact on you and your family as the cost-of-living crisis bites deeper. Your feedback will support Maternity Action's work campaigning for better maternity pay and benefits for pregnant women, new mothers, and their families.

Take the survey here

Tax Review

A 51-year-old SSTA member in South Lanarkshire recently secured a refund of £1,177.14 following a tax review. The review, provided by leading PAYE tax specialists, The Tax Refund Company, identified the errors that caused the employer to deduct too much tax and helped to get money back from HMRC.

Hundreds of members have taken advantage of this service and gone on to request a full tax review. 65% have found they were owed money back from HMRC. The average tax refund is £178 each, but some members have received over £2,550 back! There is no charge for this review. If you have paid the correct amount of tax, the review is free. If the review concludes you have paid too much tax, The Tax Refund Company will correspond with HMRC to try and recover your money. Where they are successful, there is a fee of £38 for amounts up to £100 or 38p per £1 where the amount recovered is over £100.

To take advantage of this service, please go to You will find out within a few minutes if you might have paid too much tax and if so, you will be able to register for a full review.