Survey of Members

The Association is to carry out a survey of members to obtain their views on possible industrial action.

The survey will be carried out online via a survey website. Invitations to take part in the survey will be sent out by email on Friday 17 February. Members who do not receive an email by Monday 20 February should contact the office at to provide an up to date email address.

The closing date for the survey is 5pm on Friday 2 March.

We have been informed of some members experiencing problems accessing the survey via the link provided in the email sent on Friday 17 February. The suggestions below may help if you are trouble accessing the survey.

Try copying the link from the email and pasting it directly in to the address bar of your internet browser. This can often fix any problem.

If you are trying to access the survey from school it could be that the IT policy in place prevents access to the SurveyMonkey website. Members should try to access the survey using the link provided from a computer outside of school network. You can do this by forwarding email to a personal email account. The link is unique to you and should not be forwarded to other members.

If the above do not work you can try a using a different internet browser. A list of internet browsers can be found at

If you have not received an invitation to take part in the survey and believe that we have email address for you, please check the spam folder in your email account.

You can update your email address with us be email