Work to Contract Campaign Suspended


Thank you for your support in our Work to Contract Campaign. It has been agreed by Council that it is now appropriate to suspend the campaign. This is because of the ongoing negotiation with Scottish Government aiming to effect a Scottish Solution to the pension dispute. Council felt that as a demonstration of good faith in the very real attempts by Scottish Government to provide a solution it would be appropriate to suspend our Campaign.

It goes without saying that our opposition remains unchanged. In particular we would wish to destroy the link between state pension age and teacher retirement. We are resolute in this.

Naturally, we reserve the right to reinstate our action and may indeed decide to ballot for further strike action if that becomes necessary.

It has been clear from feedback that we have had from members that by Working to Contract members have “got their lives back”. Perhaps we should remind ourselves and our employers that teacher goodwill is finite and that the 35 hour week and arrangements within Working Time Agreement are reality.

Yours sincerely


Acting General Secretary