LGBT Curriculum Awareness

Today the SSTA welcomed Scottish Government’s invitation to it to set in motion a combined Action Plan to raise the awareness of the need to support LGBT young people in Scottish Schools.  In particular, the SSTA would propose a partnership arrangement with groups representing LGBT young people, Education Scotland, GTCS and all teacher unions to ensure that all schools incorporate LGBT matters directly into the Curriculum.

Alan McKenzie, Acting General Secretary, said “There is an increasing number of young people in Scottish Secondary Schools who wish to be identified as LGBT.  This process of ‘coming out’ may be extremely difficult for the school community in general.  We fear that some schools can be reluctant to engage with this process and inclined to pretend it does not happen.  It is reassuring that the Scottish Government are prepared to encourage a joint approach to improve this situation.  We are committed to creating tolerance and encouragement to young people struggling with issue of sexual identity and attempting to navigate the potentially hostile environment in which they find themselves.  We therefore welcome the invitation by Scottish Government to take this forward.”

For further information contact:-

Alan McKenzie

Acting General Secretary

0131 313 7300