SSTA Commends Pupils and Teachers

The SSTA commends all pupils and teachers for all their hard work in overcoming all the difficulties created by the pandemic to record results in this year’s national qualifications.

Seamus Searson, SSTA General Secretary, said:

“Pupils should be pleased with their hard work, which has shown a determination to succeed. As they receive their results, we congratulate learners stepping forward in their educational journey”.

“Secondary teachers have worked above and beyond their obligations to ensure that no pupil has been disadvantaged by the pandemic’s impact on their education. Teachers have maintained their focus on pupil attainment. With ever-increasing workload this has often been at the expense of teachers’ own health and wellbeing.”

“The SSTA has serious reservations about 2024 qualifications.  We anticipate considerable pressure being placed on pupils and teachers due to the SQA’s insistence that all national qualifications return to pre-pandemic arrangements next year. On the one hand, the SQA accepts that there have been difficulties in 2023, but on the other hand denies it is an issue.  While the school system continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, and to help protect teachers and learners, the SSTA is continuing to urge the SQA to adopt a phased return to full requirements.”