Teacher Pay Settlement 2022 – 2024

At the SNCT Teachers’ Panel meeting on Wednesday 14 March to consider the 2022-2024 pay offer. The pay offer was formally accepted by all unions and the decision was communicated to employers at the close of the meeting. The SNCT Handbook is to be updated to include

  1. SNCT 23/93 Pay Agreement April 2022-July 2024
  2. SNCT Part 2 Appendix 2.1 Salary Tables
  3. SNCT Part 2 Appendix 2.5: Annex A (Remote School, Distant Island and Residential Special School Allowances)

Local authorities will be planning to make the changes in salaries including ‘back pay’ and will be advising all employees of payment arrangements.
Claiming ‘Back Pay’
The pay changes will be automatic to most members who have continued to be employed by the same local authority. However, the SSTA wishes to advise members who have retired or left the profession during the period of the pay settlement are required to make a ‘back pay’ claim to their previous employing authority.
In addition, members that have moved local authority or gained a promotion are also required to make a ‘back pay’ claim.
For further information, please follow the link to a SSTA proforma to assist in making the claim.