Bulletin no 398/05 14 October 2005

Bulletin no 398/05 14 October 2005


a) Council heard reports on the latest progress of three issues: the McCrone implementation process, SQA developments and pensions.

b) Council was informed that the purchase of the Association's new premises was now complete and that it was hoped that after internal renovations an official move to the new offices would take place around the end of the year.

c) The following motions were approved by Council.

• In view of members' increasing concerns regarding levels of indiscipline caused by inappropriate mainstreaming of pupils with significant behavioural problems and the failure of local authorities/Scottish Executive to deal with their concerns:

The Association calls on all local authorities and the Scottish Executive to halt the practice of mainstreaming such pupils without providing all affected staff with the appropriate skills to teach them, as soon as possible, and to give a clear commitment to providing an appropriate form of education provision out with classes where existing support in class cannot meet the needs of these pupils.

• This Association calls on Audit Scotland to investigate the effectiveness and efficiency of the various systems of e-procurement currently being implemented in Scottish secondary schools.

• This Association commends East Renfrewshire and lnverclyde Councils on providing posters advising that they will support employees who are subjected to violence or abuse. We call on all other authorities to follow this good practice, and distribute similar posters widely in schools.

d) The nominations of the following members to the Special Education Advisory Panel were agreed.

Nesella Barr, Hunter High School

Andrew McAuley, Lourdes Secondary School

Phil Murray , Howden Hall Centre

Tom Watt, Northfield Academy


Members who pay their subscription by monthly direct debit are advised of the following payment dates for December's subscription. The Association will input data to BACS on Wednesday 28 December which will be processed on Thursday 29 December for payment on Friday 30 December.


A series of one day pre-retirement courses will take place during the first half of 2006. Details of dates and venues will be advised to members as soon as possible and will also be posted on the website.


Members who change their home address are asked to notify the Association office in writing. It is also advisable that changes of address are notified to the school, the authority, GTCS, the nearest Social Security office, the Inland Revenue and the Scottish Public Pensions Agency. In all cases, please quote any reference number (GTCS, National Insurance etc.) The Social Security Office will make arrangements for NI records to be amended.


Members who are about to retire are asked to note that they maintain membership of the Association after retiral at one half of the usual rate. Members in this situation should contact this office giving their retirement date. If it has not already been done, their membership will be transferred to the home address and the school membership deleted. Retiring members who have paid a full rate subscription for the whole year will receive a rebate by cheque. Retired membership entitles the member to all the usual services for members except access to those external services limited by age. Such members receive all information at their home address. Members who have retired during the course of this year who have not informed the Association (and hence who may not be currently benefiting from the reduced subscription rate) are asked to notify the office. It is helpful if all retired members (as well as those continuing in employment) give details of any email address.


Members are asked to note that the Association office will close at noon on Friday 23rd December and will re-open for normal business after New Year on Monday 9th January 2006.


DAVID EAGLESHAM, General Secretary

Published on 15 November 2007 - Bulletin

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