Press speculation about changes to conditions

Dear Colleagues

You may have noted speculation in TESS about the creation of new posts for current probationers. I have sought assurances that teachers currently seeking employment will not be penalised and am somewhat reassured by the promise that posts will be advertised and the selection process will be that normally used by local authorities.

We have been informed that the only relevance the phrase ‘current probationers' has is numerical, and will dictate the number of posts to be appointed.

As I noted in my last email to you we have no new information about the details of the COSLA proposals. Any clarification from COSLA will have to include a statement detailing exactly which local authorities they represent. Some authorities appear to be intent on their own agendas.

The SNCT meets on Wednesday 8 December at 14.30 when the situation should become much clearer. As yet COSLA has released NO papers for the meeting. When further information becomes available I will contact you immediately. In the meantime please take no action until the situation has been clarified and we know exactly what the proposals are.

If you have immediate concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Ann Ballinger

General Secretary