Report of Meeting with SQA

Please follow the link to the report of the SSTA meeting with SQA. The report includes: National Qualification Group 2021Quality AssurancePrelimsTeacher AssessmentsRemunerationAdditional In-Service Days

Members Update – 1 December 2020

Examinations 2021 The SSTA has called for an early announcement as to the arrangements for the Higher and Advanced Higher examinations next summer. The assumption that the examinations should continue as normal ignores the damage that has been inflicted upon…

FACE COVERINGS – The Official Position

The SSTA has focussed throughout the covid-19 pandemic that safety of staff and pupils must be the first consideration. The SSTA continues to insist that all safety measures (such as face coverings, hand sanitisers/cleaning materials in all classrooms and strict…
Members' Briefing

SSTA Members Briefing

The SSTA has arranged briefing sessions for members on the challenges facing secondary teachers at this time. The General Secretary Seamus Searson will give the latest information regarding Covid-19, national qualifications and the OECD senior phase review. There will also be…