2018 Pay Claim

Teachers’ Pay 2018 – Update 20 April 2018

The latest meeting of the SNCT Extended Joint Chairs (EIS, SSTA, COSLA and Scottish Government) took place on Thursday 19 April.  The teachers’ side were disappointed that the Scottish Government,at this stage, were not prepared to offer any additional funding after having said at the last meeting  that it wished time to consider its position. At the last meeting on 27 March, COSLA (the employers) made a pay offer of 2% for those above £36,500 and 3% for those below.

The teachers’ side was not impressed with the lack of progress in making an important investment in education by attempting to resolve the teacher retention and recruitment crisis. Education is the Government’s priority and a resolution to 2018 pay award is essential to allow teachers to focus on teaching and learning.

A further meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 16 May, but your negotiators left both the Scottish Government and COSLA in no doubt that they are not prepared to accept procrastination as a tactic from the management side and that the clock was very definitely ticking.

SSTA Rejects the COSLA Pay Offer – 28 March 2018

The SSTA is negotiating through the SNCT in progressing the 2018 pay claim. The Teachers’ Side submitted a pay claim of 10% for teachers at all grades to the SNCT on 8 February. COSLA (the employers) responded on 27 March by making a pay offer of 2% for those above £36,500 and 3% for those below (Colsa letter ‘2018 Pay Offer Letter to SNCT‘ ). The Teacher Side negotiators (SSTA and EIS) rejected the offer and  the proposal for a differentiated pay deal. The Teachers’ Side was disappointed that a differentiated pay deal was offered despite a complete rejection of the proposal during the 2017 pay negotiations.

The employer’s offer made reference to ‘parity’ across all four of its bargaining groups and as a consequence fails to address the current teacher retention and recruitment crisis. It was equally disappointing that the COSLA offer was termed as its ‘best and final offer’. This would result in no scope for negotiation.

However, the SNCT awaits the response from the Scottish Government on the situation at its next meeting on 19 April. At this point it would be premature to seek the views of members on the employers offer as the negotiating process has yet to reach its conclusion. The SSTA is committed to try and reach a negotiated pay agreement and seek a package that retains the current teacher workforce and a process of restoration of teacher salaries.

Update on 2018 Pay Claim for Teachers – Retention, Recruitment and Restoration 20 February 2018

The SSTA conducted a pay survey of members in December and published the findings on 23 January 2018.

The members survey highlighted the need for a substantial pay increase, the excessive workload placed upon teachers, the high number of members who had considered or are considering leaving the profession and the readiness of members to take industrial action. The survey confirmed the position of SSTA and the ‘pushing at every door’ for a substantial pay increase for teachers with ‘retention’ the priority.

The SSTA Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee met on 2 February 2018 to consider the information contained within the survey and submitted the following to the teachers’ side of Scottish Negotiating Committee Teachers (SNCT):

  • First priority Retention
  • Second priority Recruitment of teachers
  • The restoration of teachers’ pay (20%+)
  • A common % increase for all teachers at all grades
  • Parity for unpromoted teachers with FE lecturers of £40,000+
  • A major reduction in teacher workload

The teacher unions discussed their positions and agreed an SNCT Pay Claim at a meeting on 5 February 2018.

The claim was submitted to the management side (COSLA and Government) at a full SNCT meeting on Thursday 8 February 2018. The management side received the claim and teachers’ side are awaiting a response from COSLA/Government in early March.

The SSTA is working through the SNCT in progressing the 2018 pay claim and following the outcome of the negotiations the SSTA will be seeking the views of its members and the action they are prepared to take.

The SSTA will continue to lobby all sides to achieve a successful outcome and will continue to keep members informed of developments.



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